Harry Potter Themed Food

I LOVE baking and Harry Potter so thus I had to make a post about it. A couple months back I went to Legoland California and they had Chocolate frogs and Jelly slugs made by Jelly Belly. On our way back we stopped at Cracker Barrel and bought Butter Beer. Now more recently I bought The Unofficial Harry Potter Cookbook by Dinah Bucholz. I have tried a couple recipes from it and they all have been pretty good.  They are almost all recipes for foods mentioned in the books. The first one I tried was Shepherds Pie on page 136. It was pretty good, except I think next time I will add more vegtables. I give it a 3 1/2 star rating. The next recipe I tried was Lightly Seasoned Broiled Chicken Drumsticks on page 153. I liked this recipe, the problem I had was not the recipe itself, but that since we just our broiler had never been used. So it didn’t work as well and burnt the chicken. The chicken pairs well with Brussel sprouts or Asparagus. I give the recipe 4 stars and my broiler 1/2 a star!  I will update you on more recipes as I make them.

In Love,



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