Army vs. Navy Race


Today I ran the Army vs. Navy 5k on post. It was a pretty fun race. Total between the 5k and 1 mile races there were over 1200 people signed up!! Luckily only about 500 showed up. Right before the race my siblings were fighting and ran into me so I twisted my ankle. So it hurt during the race, other than that it was a pretty good run. I ran the 5k in about 32 minutes. The race was free so that was probably why so many people signed up. Only the first 500 to sign up got shirt so we didn’t get shirts. Instead I made shirts for my mom and me. Mine was pink and said Official Army Brat on the front and all the posts I have been at on the back. Moms was purple and said Army on the front and all the post she had been at on the back.  Since the Army Navy football game is tonight the prize for winning 1,2,and 3 place in each age group is a football. I am in the 10-19 yrs age division. I placed 13th out of 24.

In Love,



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