Lip Balm Fail!!!


This week I tried to dye a new Eos lip balm I bought the other day. I had a nice box of crayons to dye it with, but right before I started my mom told me Crayola released a statement. So thus I had to find an alternative. I thought about it, then I realized I had food dye in the cupboard. So got that out, cut the lip balm off the Eos,and pulled the crate out with a sharp knife. So I melted the chapstick out of the eos over a candle with a spoon and added food dye to that. Food dye does not work!!!!! All the dye went to the bottom of the spoon and wouldn’t combine. I continued melting it and putting it back in the container. Then I screwed the grate back on and let it sit to dry. When came back to check on it Nathan had messed with it so every thing was in the lid.

So never use food dye with chapstick because of the oils.

In Love,



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