New Theme

Hello cupcakes!!!

The other day I was taking a blogging class. It said to establish a day of the week theme. Like Wordless Wednesday, Throwback Thursday, and such. I decided to do Fabulous Friday. In Fabulous Friday I will have outfits of the week, fashion tips, patterns, and more.

This week I am doing outfit of the week. The outfit above is one of my favorites. The pants are Hufflepuff sweatpants(from Harry Potter). I got them from Hot Topic. They were $19.50. The shirt is a Hufflepuff ladies cut shirt. I got it from Hot Topic with my hot cash. It was regularly $22.50, I got it for $11.25. The socks are Hufflepuff socks from Hot Topic. They came in a 5 pack for $14. My watch is a purple Timex Ironman sports watch. That is the watch I normally wear.

I hope you like this new theme. I know I like looking at this type of thing on blogs.

In Love,



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