Candy Sushi

Hiya Cupcakes!!!

I have been meaning to post about this for awhile. Anyways, a little while ago I was playing on youtube and I saw japanese food kits. I thought these looked pretty cool so I went on Amazon. They sell hamburger, pizza, octopus, and more. Hmmm maybe something a little more tame, I am not that adventurous. Then I saw candy sushi, candy is  more tame so I bought it. I paid $3.38 but I think it has raised in price since I ordered it. It arrived 35 short ( or maybe long) days later. At first I forgot I ordered it and was surprised to see a package from Japan addressed to me!

Then I started to make the candy. I got a glass of cold water to use to make the candy with. I think it has to be cold to work properly. I went to a website that showed me english instructions because I do not speak Japanese!!! After that I got to work on the sushi.

  1. Add water to oval container until fill line. Add blue “rice” packet to oval container. Mix until rice like consistency.
  2. Pour water in wavy shaped container to fill line. Then add in pink “tuna” packet. Stir until combined. Spread out and let sit until gummy like.
  3. Do the same in the swirly shaped container with the yellow “egg “making powder.
  4.  To make the “seaweed” with the black soft candy you have to  spread it out on the rectangle shaped part of the bag it came in.
  5. Make the salmon eggs. Fill containers A and B with water to fill line. Add green packet A to container A. Add orange packet B to container B. Use dropper to take liquid B and drop it one drop at a time into liquid A.
  6. Assemble sushi however you want.

I hope these instructions make sense. My favorite part was the salmon eggs reminded of bobas you get at frozen yogurt places.

In Love,



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