Fabulous Friday

Hello Cupcakes!!!

Today is a very fabulous friday, so it time for an outfit of the week. This outfit’s one of my favorites as well as last week’s. I wear it to youth group and Bible studies and such. The blue, white, and teal checkered shirt I got on sale for $5.00 at the Exchange. The teal tank under it I got at Target for $6.00. I wear different jeans with it so that varies, but this week I wore Tommy Hilfiger bootcut jeans. I got them on Black Friday for $20.00. I am wearing Hufflepuff socks from Hot Topic. The hair flower I got from Hobby Lobby for about $2.00. The necklace I am wearing is a Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword necklace. I got it at Hastings bookstore for $8.00.

I just quickly wanted to say when I do these I am not bragging in any way!!! I just like doing these. I hope you enjoyed reading this and I will see you ( figuratively not really) next time I post.

In Love,



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