DIY Soap Slime

Guten tag cupcakes!!!

Sorry I haven’t posted much recently, life has been very busy!!!! I have definitely been enjoying being a teenager. Actually I haven’t noticed much of a difference. Anyways, on to todays theme.

Today is Fabulous Friday. Todays thing is soap slime. I know it isn’t technically a fashion or beauty thing, but it uses beauty products so it counts 😉 I noticed this happens while cleaning the bathtub at my house,  however I never looked into it much. Until the other day I saw a youtube video about this. It reminds me of Borax slime if you use clear Elmers brand glue.

  1. Take a bottle of gel soap or body wash and squirt some into a cup or bowl.
  2. Take a pinch of baking soda and mix into soap or body wash in cup.
  3. Keep adding until consistency desired.
  4. Play with it or wash your hands with it.

Hope you like this recipe!!!

In Love,



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