Free Mascara!!!!!

Bonju Cupcakes!!!!

I was looking at Sephora’s website like I do a lot the other day. I started looking at mascara when I saw this. They are giving out free mascara!!! They are some good brands like Benefit Cosmetics, Urban Decay, and Lancome. I almost got some but I decided to leave more for you cupcakes!!! You should go to Sephora’s website and get some free mascara soon before they run out. They also have some free concealer, eye liner, eyeshadow, and a couple more things. You should really go get some now before they run out!!!



Happy April Fools day today!!!! Sephora doesn’t really have any free makeup. 😦 However the image is real. I got it on Sephora’s website yesterday or the day before. One you clicked them it told you the real price. I saw it and immediately thought it would be a good blog topic.

In Love,



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