How to Advertise for a Job (Parody)

Yaho Cupcakes!!!!

I have been thinking about jobs and ways to advertise. While thinking I thought of ways NOT to advertise. Here is my list:

  1. Find all of the creepy looking people on the street and give them flyers with your name, address, phone number, and any other personal information you feel like giving. This same principle at Walmart or the Mall.
  2. Go to jails and prisons and hand out flyers. Hang them on walls and in cells as well.
  3. Post on social media when/ where you are doing your job. This work peticularly well with babysitting since you will be home alone with the kids.
  4. Do a crime and get on the news. Preferably a more minor crime so you will be able to get out of jail relatively fast so you can do your job. Any publicity is good publicity!
  5. Sneak into police and hang your picture in the most wanted section. If you are lucky you will get on the news. Again, any publicity is good publicity!
  6. Prank phone call people. This one is harder without phone books. You can call the person and say “is your refrigerator running? Because if it isn’t I can babysit for you while you replace it”. Or another prank call you can think of.

I hope you like this list for april fools day.

In Love,

Deborah 🙂

P.S. I am sorry if you looked at this early in the morning. I had set to automatic publish, but I hadn’t finished it yet.


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