Apps I Like

Habari Cupcakes!!!!

This past week I didn’t blog because we were running low on internet in my house. So thus I had to wait for the next period. So sorry about that. 😦 Anyways, I decided to write about apps on my phone that I like. This is about apps on Apple products. (Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by anyone!!!! I have never been sponsored in my life!!!)

  1. Plague Inc. – In this game you simulate taking over the world with a disease. It is an educational game. In it you learn about the spread of disease and stuff. Rating:3/5 stars. Cost: $0.99
  2. Miitomo – This is a social game so it only really works if you know someone else playing it. It is a fun game and you get to dress up your character. Rating: 4/5 stars. Cost: Free
  3. Kindle – I love reading so this is a very good app to me. On it you download  books and read them. However, a device will never overtake a real book!!! Rating: 4/5 stars. Cost: Free, but books on it cost money.
  4. Fruit Ninja – This one seems a bit stereotypical because it was the top app one year, but I really like this game. In it you slice fruit as it comes on your screen. Rating: 3/5 stars. Cost: $1.99
  5. Pitfall – This one is similar to Temple Run. In it you run away from monkeys and avoid obstacles. I like this one better than Temple Run because you can dress up in costumes. Rating: 4/5 star. Cost: Free

I hope you like this. Let me know if you like this, because I more apps I like. So I could share them with y’all if you like this.

In Love,

Deborah 🙂


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