Corny Cupcakes

Servhus Cupcakes!!!

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while! 😦 I thought summer would be less busy but it seems more busy than winter. Anyways, recently for a picnic themed dinner I made corn on the cob cupcakes. They were pretty cute in my opinion. Here is the recipe:


3 cups  Yellow Jellybeans                                                24 Vanilla Cupcakes

8 Yellow Starbursts                                                          8 Green Jellybeans

Yellow frosting                                                                  Black and White Sanding Sugar


  1. Get your cupcakes. You can buy them at a Grocery store and scrape the frosting off. Or you can make your own, my favorite recipe is the one out of the Better Homes and Gardens cookbook.
  2. Get your frosting. You can buy a can of yellow frosting or make your own. My favorite recipe for frosting is Taste of Homes Cookbooks. You also have to get your Jellybeans. Sometimes I see packages of yellow jellybeans by themselves, but more often than not you are going to have to buy regular jellybeans and sort them out.
  3. Frost a layer of frosting on the cupcakes. This will help stick the jellybeans.
  4. Put the jellybeans on like rows of corn as pictured above. Put the green one on the end like the stem on every three cupcakes.
  5. Plop a Starburst on every third cupcake to look like a pat of butter. Sprinkle sanding sugars on top to look like salt and pepper.

I hope you like these cupcakes!

In Love,

Deborah 🙂


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