My Orlando Trip

Hey Cupcakes!!!

Sorry I haven’t blogged in like a m0nth, high school math is hard! Also I just got back from a week long trip to Orlando Florida. I want to say that in my next couple posts I am not trying to brag or put others who can’t go down in any way. I just want to write about my life and for me this is really exciting!!!

We drove down on Saturday September 3rd. After we arrived we checked into the hotel. We stayed at Wyndham Bonnet Creek Resort. It is so pretty there with the lake in the middle and all the hotels surrounding it. I hopefully will post a picture here. After that we went to Disney Springs/ Downtown Disney ( one is the old name, the other is the one now). I am going to tell you right now if you didn’t know this about me, I really like shopping! So this was a great place to go for me. Disney Springs has I think over 100 stores. That is a lot of walking to get from place to place! My favorite stores there include: World of Disney, Ghirardelli chocolate shop, Mickeys Pantry, Marketplace Co-op, Tea Traders, and several others.

World of Disney I pretty sure is like the biggest store there. It has anything from mickey ears to candy to t-shirts to models/paintings. I found if you have a large head you may not want to buy mickey ears from there but rather somewhere in the parks.         Ghirardelli sells ice-cream and chocolate. We split a banana split there ;).          Mickeys Pantry sells spices, teas, bake wear, aprons, cookbooks, and that type of thing. I bought a mickey spatula and a mickey cookie cutter.         Marketplace Co-op has a place called trend I think. It has jewelry and more clothes. I bought a cute Mickey mouse choker there. Marketplace also has a luggage store, a chinaware store, a purse store, and a couple others.         Tea Traders is like the Starbucks of tea. I got a Matcha frozen tea with whipped cream on top. It was soooo good.       If you are traveling with elementary/ early middle school aged boys here are a few stores you may want to stop by: Dino store at T-REX, Candy Cauldron, the LEGO store, Star Wars galactic outpost, and Goofys Candy Kitchen.

I hope you found my overview helpful!

In Love,

Deborah 🙂


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