Fabulous Day: Disney Edition

Hey Cupcakes!!!

Today is Fabulous Friday!!! This is one of my new favorite outfits. It is a Disney Bound style outfit. If you don’t know what Disney bound is I would suggest looking it up it is pretty cool. Disney Bounding is picking a disney character and picking an outfit in the essence of them. Can you guess what Disney character this outfit supposed to be?

If you guessed Princess Ariel you would be right! I like the colors and everything on her outfits. The shirt I got from the Exchange for $5. The shirt is very lacy so I am wearing a purple under shirt under it. The shorts are from the Exchange and they were $15. The tennis shoes are Brooks Revena 7. The earsare Pirate ears at Disney. I got them in a shop near the Dino Carnival in Animal Kingdom. They were $26. They were on the fancy end of ears but if you go to Disney expect to pay at least $20 for ears.

I hope you liked this post.! and will read more!

In Love,

Deborah (:


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