Walmart Hates Me!!!

Hello Cupcakes!!!

I know this is different than my normal Friday blog, but I am tired so this is all I can think of to blog about😁. This is a real story that happened to me a few weeks ago. It happened in a Walmart Neighborhood Market.

It was around 9 ish in the morning on a Tuesday and my mom and I were going Grocery shopping. When we started out I only got the usual glances from Employees.  A little later I saw one of the workers following me, but I didn’t think anything of it. Then Mom sent me to go get something she forgot in the baking aisle. Soon after she heard over the intercom  ” Security check in aisle 5″. She thought about it and realized that was the one I was in. So she walked over there and there were 3 empl0yees on either side of the aisle and I was the only person in the aisle. A couple of them keep lightly following me through the rest of the store. A little further in the store my mom walks under a camera and nothing happened. However when I walked under it, it beeped “recording”. Finally at the checkout the cashier  kept casually staring at me while I looked at the checkout candy. What was funny is that I was wearing my youth group t-shirt that said “Be Kind” on it.

Disclaimer: I do not mean anything foul against Walmart or any of their Employees. I was only telling an interesting story about something that happened to me. It is also pry partially my fault since I was wearing my purse backpack that I always wear.

I hope you enjoyed reading my true story.

In Love,

Deborah 😀


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