Halloween Friday

Hey Cupcakes!!!

Sorry I didn’t blog last week I was working on several urgent projects so I didn’t have time. Also sorry the picture quality is bad  I didn’t look at it until I had already taken my makeup off.

Anyways, this is my costume. Can you tell who/ what I am supposed to be?

If you guessed  Cat Hermione in Chamber Secrets you would be right! Now I have never really done halloween, but this year my parents Bible study decided to have a costume party. I didn’t know about this until less than a week before, so I didn’t have much time to do anything really creative so I just mainly used what I had on hand. I used black Covergirl eyeliner as the whiskers and nose. I bought this but I have only used this like once since it made my eyes look really dark. I got the Gryffindor shirt and cape at Walmart for $10.88. I wear this shirt (minus the cape) frequently even though I am in Hufflepuff not Gryffindor. I also got my cat ears from Walmart, they came with a tail but I didn’t like it so I just wore the ears. The shorts I got from Academy Sports.

I hoped you liked this article!

In Love,



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