Minnie Mouse Friday

Hola Cupcakes!!!

Today is another Fabulous Friday! In my previous post I mentioned that I was going to start featuring other people besides my self. So I figured who better to start with than my sista.  Like mine this was quickly thrown together on the spur of the moment. I thought it turned out pretty cute!

Her glasses are not part of the costume she just always wears them. The shirt she got at Disney World in Downtown Disney. The shorts she got at the Exchange for $13. The clear Mickey ears are mine and I got them at Disneyland for $10.

I hope you liked this new style.

In Love,


New Updates

Hey Cupcakes!!!!

As you may know I have been blogging for almost a year! It is hard to believe it has been that long! Sooo much in my life has changed since then that I feel this blog is due for an update.

The first and most exciting change is that I am welcoming on a new author!!! She is starting soon and I feel she will bring an exciting change of pace for y’all! Her screen name is Budgie Lady. We are really good friends and I have known her for like 13 years! 😂

The next change is my screen name. If you haven’t already noticed I changed it from my old one to Cupcake Girl. I am still the same person just under a different name.

I am also updating my Fabulous Friday section. Starting Friday I am going to start using other people than just me. I will still be on there sometimes but not as often. If you want to be featured on there just comment or email a picture of your self wearing an outfit that you love and a brief description of it.

I may change more things but I haven’t decided yet. I will update when/if I do.

In Love,

Deborah 🙃

Halloween Friday

Hey Cupcakes!!!

Sorry I didn’t blog last week I was working on several urgent projects so I didn’t have time. Also sorry the picture quality is bad  I didn’t look at it until I had already taken my makeup off.

Anyways, this is my costume. Can you tell who/ what I am supposed to be?

If you guessed  Cat Hermione in Chamber Secrets you would be right! Now I have never really done halloween, but this year my parents Bible study decided to have a costume party. I didn’t know about this until less than a week before, so I didn’t have much time to do anything really creative so I just mainly used what I had on hand. I used black Covergirl eyeliner as the whiskers and nose. I bought this but I have only used this like once since it made my eyes look really dark. I got the Gryffindor shirt and cape at Walmart for $10.88. I wear this shirt (minus the cape) frequently even though I am in Hufflepuff not Gryffindor. I also got my cat ears from Walmart, they came with a tail but I didn’t like it so I just wore the ears. The shorts I got from Academy Sports.

I hoped you liked this article!

In Love,


Walmart Hates Me!!!

Hello Cupcakes!!!

I know this is different than my normal Friday blog, but I am tired so this is all I can think of to blog about😁. This is a real story that happened to me a few weeks ago. It happened in a Walmart Neighborhood Market.

It was around 9 ish in the morning on a Tuesday and my mom and I were going Grocery shopping. When we started out I only got the usual glances from Employees.  A little later I saw one of the workers following me, but I didn’t think anything of it. Then Mom sent me to go get something she forgot in the baking aisle. Soon after she heard over the intercom  ” Security check in aisle 5″. She thought about it and realized that was the one I was in. So she walked over there and there were 3 empl0yees on either side of the aisle and I was the only person in the aisle. A couple of them keep lightly following me through the rest of the store. A little further in the store my mom walks under a camera and nothing happened. However when I walked under it, it beeped “recording”. Finally at the checkout the cashier  kept casually staring at me while I looked at the checkout candy. What was funny is that I was wearing my youth group t-shirt that said “Be Kind” on it.

Disclaimer: I do not mean anything foul against Walmart or any of their Employees. I was only telling an interesting story about something that happened to me. It is also pry partially my fault since I was wearing my purse backpack that I always wear.

I hope you enjoyed reading my true story.

In Love,

Deborah 😀

DIY Boo Baskets

Bonjour Cupcakes!!!

I you guys are all having a fabulous week! Todays topic is Boo Baskets. If you haven’t heard of them, they are cute gift baskets you can give to your neighbors around Halloween. I don’t usually celebrate Halloween but I think these are fun. We put a couple more things in this but I forgot to take a picture before we gave it away. 😦 Nevertheless I am still going to blog about it! You can make two( like the sign says) or one or even four like I ended up doing. Here is how to make them:

  1. Print off the sign from been booed.com.
  2. Go to a store and buy items. You can put cookies, candy, coloring books, glow sticks, small toys, trinkets, soap, hand towels, pencils, and many other things. You can even put homemade goodies in but be warned that they may be thrown away since they don’t know who made them. You will also need two Halloween buckets.
  3. Assemble the baskets. You can arrange them however looks best to you! Make sure to put the whole printout in the basket.
  4. Wait until it is at least semi-dark out. Then set the basket in front of your neighbors front door. Then ring the door bell and run!
  5. Watch as (hopefully) they pop up all over the neighbor hood..

I hope you found this post helpful and will join in on the fun!

In Love,


Fabulous Day: Disney Edition

Hey Cupcakes!!!

Today is Fabulous Friday!!! This is one of my new favorite outfits. It is a Disney Bound style outfit. If you don’t know what Disney bound is I would suggest looking it up it is pretty cool. Disney Bounding is picking a disney character and picking an outfit in the essence of them. Can you guess what Disney character this outfit supposed to be?

If you guessed Princess Ariel you would be right! I like the colors and everything on her outfits. The shirt I got from the Exchange for $5. The shirt is very lacy so I am wearing a purple under shirt under it. The shorts are from the Exchange and they were $15. The tennis shoes are Brooks Revena 7. The earsare Pirate ears at Disney. I got them in a shop near the Dino Carnival in Animal Kingdom. They were $26. They were on the fancy end of ears but if you go to Disney expect to pay at least $20 for ears.

I hope you liked this post.! and will read more!

In Love,

Deborah (:

My Favorite Frosting

Hey Cupcakes!!!

If you have read this blog for any length of time (or looked at the name of my blog) you know I love cupcakes! Whether it is eating them or  making them I just like them. So in that time I have experimented with different frostings and recipes. Some people call me picky, but in most cases I hate store-bought canned frosting. It is full of preservatives, and many times I am allergic to at least some of the ingredients! It also is not a good consistency to pipe onto cupcakes! It is so expensive compared to homemade frosting, believe me once you know how to make good frosting you won’t want to come back!

My favorite recipe is mainly out of the Taste of Home cookbook with a few tweaks.


1 box (about 1 lbs) Powdered Sugar                          1 1/2 teaspoons Vanilla Extract

1/2 cup Butter, softened                                              4-5 Tablespoons Milk


  1. Put butter in Mixing bowl. Beat for 30 seconds. I personally use a stand mixer but a hand mixer will work as well.
  2. Add in vanilla. Mix a little more.
  3. Add in as much powdered sugar as will mix in. Then add a little milk and keep alternating until all powdered sugar is used and consistency is good.
  4. Put on cupcakes, eat straight, or save for later. Enjoy!


~  I found that in Arizona I had to use 6 Tablespoons of Milk but here I use 4, so it really depends on where you live.

~ Use 1 teaspoon vanilla in frosting you are going to keep white or it will be slightly brownish. If you want it to be pure white, don’t use any vanilla or use special clear vanilla.

I hope you found this recipe useful and like it!

In Love,

Deborah 🙂