Fabulous Friday(Saturday)

Bonjour cupcakes!!!!

Sorry I didn’t write yesterday!!! It was a Fabulous Friday for me, because it was my birthday!!! I made lemon-lime cupcakes for my cake. The frosting was vibrant green for lime. I got a Garmin vivofit2, “Quittich Through the Ages”, and “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them.”

On to the normal Fabulous Friday part. Today I am doing DIY monster jeans patches. This will require basic sewing skills. To make you will need: an old t-shirt, two colors embroidery floss( one the color of the t-shirt, the other contrasting), needle, and white felt.

~~ Directions~~

  1. Cut circle out of t-shirt 2 in. bigger diameter than hole in jeans.
  2. Turn jeans inside out.
  3. Take felt and cut a jagged strip to look like teeth.
  4. Sew felt with t-shirt colored floss inside jeans so you can’t see the stitches and look like teeth.
  5. Sew t-shirt circle with same colored floss inside jeans over felt so felt is still visible from the outside over t-shirt fabric.
  6. Turn jeans out again so they are how you would wear them. Sew around with contrasting thread. I made mine with a blue t-shirt and red thread.
  7. Sew little “X”s or a googley eyes over top for eyes.
  8. Enjoy!!! I thought these were cute, especially for little boys who are always ripping their pants!!!

In Love,



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